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I think he is just a kid guy's. I can see potential. Would love to see it in it's bigger version.


u should prob add some sort of tutorial to the game or in the description of this page as I am confused what I am meant to do or how it is an adventure game. Also the delay between when u start collecting something and ur allowed to move is too long so for a few seconds after im done collecting I still cannot move

this is really good

but what can you do with gold

this is not adventure but it's still pretty good tho


Which part of the sentence "It must be an adventure game" wasn't clear?

how to finih gaym pliz helb

really hoping this masterpiece wins the pot

love it would you like to colab with me for shoot em up canyonside?

It seems I managed to play this game more than most.

I came up with the theory that maybe with 10 apples, 10 stones and 10 gold, the door at the bottom would open.

It didn't.

howdo you beat the game


I think that the game is far from complete. I have to assume that all you can do is pick apples and rocks and sell them. There is no beating the game.

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wow, and I thought I did a well actually I sold everything and got 30 coins and still couldn't open the door.

The game is not bad but it is unclear what to do?

It's an ok game I got 1 of each item, but the south door does not seem to open...


I played up to 6 Gold yeah... I don't get this I tried but this doesn't make sense sigh... So we selling stuff for gold or do these items mean something?